Blackboard Eats
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Blackboard Eats

Blackboard Eats was a national foodie phenomenon founded by former food editor Maggie Nesmser. This on-line deal sharing service and curated list of all the best restaurants connected diners with trendy eats in all the major markets.


The Job: Create a website where you can sign-up and get insider perks on your favorite artisanal foods & culinary products and the scoop on the best restaurant specials in town emailed to you every week.

The Solution: Worklab was on the ground floor of this start-up, building and launching the online service including offline access, location services, pass kit, and integrated payments with CitiBank.

The Result: The deal sharing app quickly garnered praise from both the Los Angeles Times and New York Times. To enhance the user experience Worklab built a mobile app for subscribers so they could more easily find and redeem restaurant offers. We upgraded and maintained the site for over a decade.


  • Product Consulting
  • Project Management
  • System Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Custom CMS
  • DevOps
  • Services Integration (Mailchimp, BraintreePayments, Twilio, Facebook Login)

Technology Stack

  • -	Apache- Apache
  • Bootstrap FrameworkBootstrap Framework
  • CouchDBCouchDB
  • Apache CordovaApache Cordova
  • Solr Elastic SearchSolr Elastic Search